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Odontóloga de la universidad CES con más de 10 años de experiencia


Resin smile design

Resin smile design is a procedure that is performed by adding thin layers of this material on the external surface of the tooth to improve its appearance, aligning and whitening the teeth immediately. We can do it in three appointments, one for the evaluation, one for the procedure and another to adjust the details that you want to change about your new smile.


Oral rehabilitation

In oral rehabilitation we take care of the restoration of your teeth, that is, we restore the aesthetic function and oral harmony through dental prostheses. We always look for a correct occlusion and function.


Porcelain veneers

Ceramic smile design is an ideal procedure to create a radical and beautiful change in your smile. We can change aspects such as shape, size and color. Veneers mean that it is a treatment that covers the entire front part of the tooth. Ceramic is a much stronger and more durable material.


Cleaning and maintenance

Dental cleaning:

Plaque and tartar will be removed with an ultrasound device.

The teeth will be polished with a brush and a prophylaxis paste.

Maintenance of your design:

We will polish your smile design in resin

We will fix any damage you may cause to your skin by biting into objects or normal wear and tear on your skin.

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